3gp Melayu

3gp Melayu

Free Image HostingIn simple terms, we can describe 3gp Melayu as video clips made by Malay or recorded a scene involving a Malays. However, in cyberspace, 3gp Melayu keywords always use in search engine to search Malays porn video clips. In 3gpboleh.com, we provide FREE 3gp Melayu and PREMIUM 3gp Melayu. Our PREMIUM 3gp Melayu contain rare 3gp Melayu Bertudung Bogel and 3gp Budak Sekolah and can be download only by VIP MEMBERS. Most of our 3gp video clips upload in dual file server for fast download option!

What is 3gp?

.3gp and .3g2 are file extensions for video in 3GP format. This is a multimedia container format used by mobile phones. 3GP is a simplified version of the MP4 format and was designed to make file sizes smaller so mobile phones could support video. 3GP format is appealing to more and more people. 3GP files are viewable on a PC using QuickTime or RealPlayer. Most of the smartphones can only play 3GP files or several other formats. But at least for the time being, the formats supported by 3G phones are anything but many. A video converter is necessary for smartphone users.

There are many powerful converters in the intrenet, such as ImTOO 3GP converter, Magicbit 3GP cell phone converter, MikSoft Mobile 3GP converter, Nokia Multimedia Converter 2.0 etc. Just googling for it :)

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What is Melayu?

The name Malay or Melayu is sometimes used to describe the concept of a Malay race (bangsa melayu), which includes all the ethnic groups inhabiting the Malay Archipelago and which are not of older aboriginal stock. The Malay ethnic group is distinct from the concept of a Malay race (bangsa melayu), which encompasses a wider group of people, including most of Asian country.

The term Melayu (Malay person in the Malay Language), in the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, refers to a person who professes Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, conforms to Malay custom and who has at least one ancestor from the Malay Peninsula or Singapore.

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